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The mega Bites cheesecake should come with a warning it is very addictive you'll be wanting more

Nigel, 04 May 2019

Amazing food. Fast delivery

Kelly, 03 May 2019

Excellent food.

Kelly, 03 May 2019

An hour for pizza is a lonngggggg time to wait- but most times it is worth it for the product

Sam, 19 Apr 2019

Food is really ice

Nancy, 16 Apr 2019


Nancy, 16 Apr 2019

Easily the best kebab in p'borough

Louis, 03 Apr 2019

Im actually not that impressed given the takeaway took so long to arrive and then 2 x lemon cans were missing. I trrued calling on 2 occasions and no one picked up!

Sonia, 26 Mar 2019

very good food

Jack, 21 Mar 2019

It's a motive

Adi, 19 Mar 2019

Food tasted great x kids loved it x

Abbi, 13 Mar 2019

Best fast food in town

Gunita, 09 Mar 2019

I missed booked the order with my work address, confirmed home address with driver who was very understanding and got my order to my home address very quickly, excellent service.

Chris, 04 Mar 2019

Order was late , I ordered it early so wasn’t happy to wait over 1hr30 mins , if your bothered enough to set a tracking application to your delivers .... then you really ought to stick to it !!! At the very least it’s just good manners to let a customer know when your running late !!

Di, 04 Mar 2019

Very good food

Debora, 01 Mar 2019

Been using megabite from the year they opened. Staff never fail and always make sure everything is perfect for us. My family all go there now and they've transitioned so brilliantly as a small takeaway to a growing social spot with friends and family alike. Standards are high and at a great price too

Zona, 14 Feb 2019


Very good and easy

Karen, 14 Feb 2019

Always spot on

James, 09 Feb 2019


Jack, 27 Jan 2019

Great food, highly recommended.

Sameela , 27 Jan 2019


Katrina, 27 Jan 2019


Neelam, 26 Jan 2019


Ghassan, 23 Jan 2019

great chilli sauce

John, 15 Jan 2019

Great standards. Good delivery time.

Karima, 08 Jan 2019

Very good food, services and delivered ahead of delivery time, all in all an outstanding service oh!! and the food was very delicious.

Barry, 06 Jan 2019